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AW: Odette
                     Odette of House Lionheart
Age: 23
Species: Cat
Breed: Lion
Height / Weight: 5’0’’ / 152 lbs
Class: Support/Intern
Weapon: Small throwing knives attached to garter belt  

Total « 25

STR « 4
DEX « 5
DEF « 6
MAG « 6 
AGI « 4 (+1)

Strengths / Weaknesses:


+Thinks logically, analyzes situations and provides solutions 

+Levelheaded, less likely to be phased by threats or crack under pressure

+Quick to react/aim accurately

-Close minded, her idea is the right idea always.

-A little clumsy when it comes to being nimble on her feet 

-Hand to hand combat skills are poor 

-Judgemental and underestimating of others 


The snootiest girl on the block. If she's not, y'know, working - she's shopping for the best dresses, the shoes that colour coordinate an outfit perfectly, the one hair accessory she must have, etc. Incredibly hard headed and often times rude, she doesn't think twice before saying whatever's on her mind. This can make her quite the conversation piece at parties, whether in positive or negative light. Being nice does not come to her naturally - often times it's forced, or she genuinely likes you. Coming up with compliments is a chore, she'd much rather point out how tacky that tie looks with the shoes you chose to wear today. She is, however, protective in her own right. Protective in the way that only she's allowed to diss on people she cherishes. If other people do it, hohoh, well- it's a fast track to her shitlist for that poor soul. 


As a kitten Odette was probably the shiest, meekest, most socially anxious cat in the neighborhood. She'd always been chubbier than the norm, and struggled obsessively with her weight and appearance. Up until her early adolescence she was afraid to leave the house, going to school was a nightmare, and her mother endlessly pressuring her to have more of a social presence only made matters worse. 

Around the age of 8 she was introduced to a man who would later be her fiancé- Percival Lionheart. Needless to say it was an enagement neither of them were given a choice on; and first impressions weren't exactly splendid. Expecting someone gentlemanly and kind, she received the complete opposite. (To this day she resents him for it.) He was no prince, and after a few years she'd learned to stop expecting there would ever be one. 

Eventually she learned to take on a thicker skin - forcing herself to become less phased by what others said and adopting herself for who she was with pride. By the time she'd enrolled for the military she refused to be sensitive, she refused to take what others said to heart, developping an uncaring and less than courteous persona to carry herself in. 

Likes / Dislikes:

+Vintage clothing


+Being complimented and acknowledged

+The sun/summertime/sun bathing

+Taking naps


-Social gatherings

-Being drunk, makes her do dumb stuff and potentially be nice to people. gross

-People watching her eat 


RP Preferences: 
DISCORD MOSTLY PLS.. I may sit in the chats occasionally but notes and google docs are easy to forget, and I don't really use skype anymore. 


(crawls out of the depths of school hell haha hello ladies and gents I'm not dead - just mostly dead. I had a glitch with dA and I wasn't able to submit anything for awhile but it's fixed now.. I think)

Recruited by aomaoe :3c

Hey!! I'm officially opening up commissions until around February so I can save up for a trip to the states, and to help me pay for other every day things (around this time it'd be christmas presents, groceries, etc... I'm a university student and I support myself so any form of extra income would be awesome and super appreciated.) 

Colored Sketches 
Bust        -      10$
Waist-up  -     15$
Fullbody   -     20$

Line art and Full Color/Refined        
Bust        -      20$
Waist-up   -     25$
Fullbody    -    30$

+ chara will be 5$ for all options! All commissions will either be transparent or w/ a simple bg, potentially a more complex bg for an added price (if you want a full illustration etc) 


Or note me here, dm me on twitter, however you'd prefer! Payment method will be paypal, please. I'm pretty open for what to draw, just no overly complex designs, mecha, or nsfw please! A little nudity is okay. 

Thanks for looking! 
PnS: Vera

:iconpistil-and-stamen: 18+ only please!

Full Name:
 Vera Saltare

Age: 20

Sex:  Female

Height: 4'7"

Weight: 130 lbs 

Occupation: Harem

Flower: Celandine

Personality : Bubbly | Helpful | Optimistic | Warm/Friendly | Naive | Skittish | Gullible | Fragile | Nervous 

Vera was born and raised on her home planet; consisting of a colony of diverse spider humanoids, and up until a year ago, she'd never left. It wasn't until she'd realized that she'd seen all there was to see; and recognized that there was so much more beyond the stars. As it stands, her society is entirely based on Matriarchy - females of her species placed in high regard while males are expendable; used for reproduction purposes and not much else. 
As soon as she was able, she hopped on a ship with determination to see new sights and experience societies much different from her own. Devising a plan and examining the nearby planets, Dione seemed the most appealing. With the luck of the draw, she ended up in the city of Hippolyta -  and through the grapevine heard of a unique estate that was open for applications. It wasn't long before she was contacted for an interview, and made herself at home in the Pistil and Stamen. 


-Vera is based on the hyllus diardi jumping spider
-She has a very soft, round and chubby build 
-Extremely good eyesight; akin to binocular vision 
-Along with her namesake, she can jump twice the length of her body. She doesn't do this often. But she is quite bouncy. 
-She loves fashion, keeping up with the latest trends and going on shopping sprees every paycheque. There are probably better things she could do with her money. 
-She will be your friend. 

Do you like demon/human parallels?! 

Military themed groups?!

Hanging with a generally cool and friendly crowd?? 


It's really cool and honestly it's cultivated such a safe and positive space for me. I love the people there and if you wanna play with my bird oc Vesper, she's in there! Consider if if you're looking for a fun rp group to call home. :heart: 

Side note: if you want a higher chance of getting in, consider making a human character! And also a female. There's so many guys. It's raining men, please help us. Srsly. 
DAMMED: The Maze

Memorizing and strategy are one of Vesper's best skills - so knowing the map and locating the dolls was the simpler task of the two - it was deciding that made this assignment hard on the small bird. 

Ultimately the human leader seemed the wisest choice - for significance of their position, and the possible repercussions and political turmoil that would lead to Vesper, a demon recruit for dammed, "showing favoritism" towards the tribe of demons. There was also the dilemma that to save a whole tribe of demons among the wreckage would be much more time consuming, and in a perfect world, she would've appointed one of these tasks to her partner while she handled the other. 

The second choice - her partner, was a bit of a mixed bag. Did the two of them really deserve to live? Were their lives more significant over the lives of the tribe of demons, or the political leader? But then again, what good was she or her partner to the organization if she was dead? Ultimately, in order to do good, one must have value over ones life - because you can't place value over the lives of others if you have no value over your own. 

Vesper and art belong to me!



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